Monday, October 26, 2015

Dirty Dishes Can Be a Treat

I never turn the last light out on a sink full of dishes. I always leave a clean kitchen when I go to bed at night. It's just me. What I do.

But last night I left my sinks full of dirty dishes, cups and silverware...on purpose. And I smiled as I did it. I could have done them, it wasn't late and I wasn't super tired, but I did it as a little treat to myself. A treat for the morning. 

I am one odd duck sometimes and this was one of those times I guess. I knew that in the morning I would really enjoy rinsing each bit of dish-ware and placing it in the dishwasher, because it would be a way of re-living the house full of family that created the mess the night before. A tangible way of extending the fun birthday party into another day. 

We celebrated Writer Son's 33rd birthday in our home last night and had 12 people here! I love a party. It wasn't wild and crazy or any grand event that anyone will be talking about in years to come. We didn't even play the games as planned because the two little toddler cousins provided enough silly entertainment to keep us all laughing all evening. But it was a sweet and comfy time together.

Decorated with childhood pics of the Birthday Boy
I was giddy in the days of prep as I walked around this lovely new home and smiled in anticipation of sharing it with the family we've been blessed to join when our son married their daughter five years ago. I am an outsider here. We've only lived in the same state as this new part of our family for a bit over a year and I am still finding my way. Still figuring out how to navigate this new uncharted territory. Where do I fit? What can I contribute? Who am I in this gathering of delightful people? I looked around my living room, with the couch full and others standing at the kitchen counter eating and talking, and I thought about how I want to know every single one of them better. Each is a new treasure and a new relationship.

Maybe I am in too much of a hurry to have strongly established friendships and bonds because I am the new one here. When we left California, we had to leave behind some beautiful and strong friendships. But they had taken years to build. Adding one conversation to another, one event to another and many shared tears of both laughter and pain. So I am in a hurry to feel that bond here. But it takes time...and patience.....and lots more parties! 

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  1. You are off to a great start! Family gatherings have a way of growing into extended family/friends gatherings...that's what we do...we somehow manage to add a new face to most every event...and our "family" continues to grow that way. Many aren't related...but they become family anyway. They know they are loved and accepted here. Little by little you will see how God will bring all the right folks under your roof at all the right times...and in between, you get to enjoy your little grandson! How perfect is that??????? God is step at a time. Just enjoy the ride. And happy birthday to your wonderful writer son!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time celebrating with family!! More parties?? You're my kind of girl.

    1. I do love a party even though I am NEVER the center of attention or anything. I am usually the most quiet person, but I love being around others and enjoying the laughter and fun.

  3. And some of the strongest bonds are built over a sink of soapy water with a friend drying. :)

  4. It's so good to not be running, I've been able to sit and read and catch up with my favorite people! The party sounds like so much fun. So are you liking Texas? xoxo Diva

    1. Hi Teri, thanks for coming by! I am loving it because of who is here. We both are continually reminded that it was a good decision. I am slowly getting used to life in Texas and very weathery weather! Ha! SO different from CA!


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