Thursday, October 15, 2015

The WONDER of One

I've lived in this "foreign country" of Texas for a little over one year now and I am still learning about my new home as I go. I still have questions and wonder about a few things....for instance, mums....???

But the word WONDER is even more descriptive of the new little man in my life. My first grandson is now a one year old. I have the happy "job" of watching him at my house twice a week while his parents work and go to school. 

Sweet Grandson has only been exploring the world for a few months and his curiosity is boundless. It makes for some very entertaining days with him.

EVERYTHING IS NEW to him and so every little thing is interesting and intriguing. The other day he became entranced with the different textures he was feeling under his pudgy bare feet. He suddenly stopped and looked down as he walked from the tile floor to a woven rug. He smiled broadly and stepped back and forth over and over again, delighted at his new sensory discovery!


A few minutes later I found myself laughing at him again as he straddled the near by transition from tile floor to wood flooring.

It was as if he was on an exciting ride at a carnival! Sweet Grandson was wonder-struck! With one foot on the wood floor and one foot on cold tile he grinned up at me and giggled. He stepped from one to the other as if he were taking a mighty leap across a gorge.

WONDER is a beautiful thing. It leads to joy and gratitude in grown-ups...or maybe it works the other way around. Keeping our wonder alive is what will prevent the grumpiness that so many equate with old age. 

Sweet Grandson is waking up my WONDER. His constant desire to open every door, drawer and cupboard is MOST DEFINITELY keeping me on my toes anyway! I wonder why he never seems to run out of energy or curiosity...and then I wonder when he'll wake up from his nap because I am bored. :)

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  1. Just wait until he's 16, like my grandson! Still enjoying the wonder of it all...and eating everything in sight! I raised 3 teenage boys and never realized how much they ate until this one came visiting...and he never stopped eating from morning until night! And he's still growing! Such excitement for you and your precious Max! I love that he enjoys the 'simple' things of going from one kind of floor to another! Wait until he discovers mud puddles! LOL!!! I love this, and hope to see MORE of the adventures of Max and his grandma coming to my "facebook mailbox" soon!

  2. Cute photos of those happy toes experiencing new textures of flooring and tiles and carpets.


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