Friday, December 11, 2015

Do You See the Lady Bugs?

I smiled as I folded a cloth napkin fresh out of the warm dryer this morning. It was white with cute little red and black lady bugs all over it and trimmed in red thread. What? You don't see any red ladybugs on the top napkin pictured here? 

You can see them on the bottom piece of fabric though, right? OK, then I am not completely  delusional...just yet. 

Isn't it weird how our minds and our memory will fill in the blanks for us sometimes? I was enjoying the cute little lady bugs that were not actually there while I did the laundry today. Pulling them from the dryer, I could see them as clearly on the napkins as the red circles on the lady bug pillowcase. 

They reminded me of my former pastors wife who possibly gave them to me. I'm not sure, because it was...oh this is embarrassing...when I was in my TWENTIES!! Barbara B? Do you remember when I used to collect lady bugs on everything? Lady bug mugs, pillows, bedding, cloth napkins, earrings....I also still have a lady bug pot holder. 

Wow, who keeps things for that long? Me I guess. 

But my eyes could still see the little red bugs as bright as ever on that raggedy cloth in my laundry room. I am fascinated by this odd phenomena. I wrote about it once before, after washing up an old tin tray that I love even though it is faded beyond its' beauty days. 

I believe that our minds replace the physical beauty with the love it invokes when we look at it. Our emotions get all tied up with our memories and it transforms what we see. 

Love is blind...
Love covers a multitude of sins...
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
This is obviously not a new discovery or a unique observation.

But it also explains long marriages sometimes, don't you think? When I look in the mirror I often groan at the view. On the other hand, when I look at my husband of 37 years, I see the long haired guy I followed all over the high school youth campground one summer. My memories are fresh and real and true. My love is fresh and real and true. And I am hoping that his memories are filling in the blanks too. 

During this season of family gatherings and what can sometimes be awkward reunions, I am praying that you will be able to put aside political, spiritual and social differences and fill in the blanks with the love that came before. Before you went a different direction and voted for the other candidate or cheered the opposing team. 

Smile at the weird uncle and forgive the old fashioned remarks and silly jokes that make you want to run away. Sit down and listen to the family story you've heard a million times, laugh at the right moment and ask another question. 

Allow your love to fill in the blanks. See the little red and black lady bugs...even if they are all faded away. 

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  1. Thank you for this tonight. First of all, for writing. I've missed you. 2nd of all, for the reminder to treasure these moments with loved ones and friends. Even if you don't always agree on everything. I've determined NOT to let that keep me from loving during these turbulent days. Thank you again. Were there really ladybugs on the top napkin?

    1. Yes, as bright as the bottom fabric. Many decades of washing took them away...but I still "see" them.

  2. Glad to know I am not the only one who takes atrip down memory lane when I handle certain items. Usually, thankfully, they are sweet memories. Thanks for this post. Linda


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