Saturday, December 5, 2015

Random Journal Day - FAMILY SNAPSHOTS

Long ago in what seems like a galaxy far far away, there was a time when no one carried a small camera in their hands everywhere they went. We owned cameras, but they could most often be found on the shelf in the back of a closet. I just now looked up when the cellphone first included a camera and was shocked to see that it was as recent as 2002!!! 

My Random Journal contribution today is from my journal in 1994. My sons were about 8 and 12 years old. From the moment I became a mother I knew that our moments were precious and important to document. I cherished ordinary days and found a simple way to capture them without dragging out our camera, taking pics and waiting 7 to 10 days to see how they turned out. 

Every once in a while I wrote a journal entry titled, FAMILY SNAPSHOTS. It was usually just a single page with bullet points of how we were spending our current days. Like little word pictures of our life. Here is a peek into a galaxy far far away...1994. 


  • "Rocker Son" in his red and white soccer uniform on the field with his team-mates. Hubs, Writer Son and I yelling our heads off, "Go Blazers go!" Parents forming an arching tunnel for the team to run through after the game. 
  • Monday mornings kneeling at our couch to give our new week to Jesus.
  • Writer Son's bedroom door closed. He is sitting at his desk with earphones on listening to classical music while he draws.
  • 6 AM: the house is quiet. Hubs is over in the sanctuary. (Next door to our home.) I'm talking myself into getting up and joining him in prayer over there. The boys are sound asleep. So peaceful! "Why not pray in bed...just a bit..." 

Today's FAMILY SNAPSHOT - 12/5/2015:

  • I'm sitting cross-legged on my couch looking at our beautiful Christmas tree while blogging on my laptop. Layla is curled up tight against me, if I move too much she grumbles at me for disturbing her comfy-ness.
  • Hubs is 10 minutes away working at Home Depot and getting tired of telling people they cannot buy the old fashioned light bulbs anymore.
  • Rocker Son is about a million miles away in California transporting car parts from one store to another.
  • Writer Son is 30 minutes away with Sassy Bride and Sweet Grandson, figuring out how to get the 14 month old to take a nap so he can work on his writing course. 
I am so thankful that I captured those little moments so many years ago. When I read them it takes me back just as clearly as a photo...maybe even more so. 

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  1. This is wonderful, Susie! I love these "snapshots" and wish I'd thought of this when our boys were about that age, at about that time! And they continue to be great even today after iPhone cameras and all. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but there's a dimension a few words can convey that would not come across in a photo.

    1. Thanks for coming by Sylvia. I'm glad I thought of it too and now I love looking back at them!

  2. Oh how I love your little "snapshots" from that galaxy so far away...aren't they precious memories? I wish I had done more of that as our children were growing. I did take a lot of pictures, but they are in albums stuffed in a box stuffed in a bedroom/storage room that is somewhat difficult to get to as our youngest son now sleeps in that room so that his 92 yr. old grandmother can have his real bedroom. Your snapshots take me back to those precious days with our sons...thank you for this. I love it.

    1. You are welcome Pam. We love words so why not use them instead of camera?

  3. Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing the updated snapshots, too! It's fun to SEE then and now! Merry Christmas and I hope you get many more snapshots this year that give your heart a smile.

    1. Thanks Kel! Who knows what treasured moments will come with 2016 ?

  4. Hi my Friend! I keep snapshots in my Gratitude Journal BUT I like this idea enough to play with it! I also like the idea of creating a snapshot from words since we all want to improve our ability to write it could serve as an excellent exercise to practice. LOVE this. Love you!

    1. Yes it isa great writing exercise.... But don't even think about making it mandatory once a month!!! Ha-ha!


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