Friday, December 18, 2015

Star Wars Is Part of Our Family

 Star Wars is like a member of my family. I really should have seen it coming from the very beginning because my first date with my husband-to-be happened in May of 1977. We went to a brand new movie that changed science fiction movies forever after. 

I must have already been smitten. Why else would I agree to go to a movie with the word "Wars" in the title? Star Wars entered our relationship and has never left. 

As a mom of two boys and no girls, I learned to live with Star Wars EVERYTHING! Star Wars shirts, Legos, action figures, posters, books, music, videos, PJ's, sheets. Star Wars even invaded our Christmas tree. The Christmas ornament above was acceptable, the one below got slowly moved to the back of the tree when no one was looking. 

I worried that company would think I had satan on my tree.

I ought to be a Star Wars expert...the movies played in my home again and again and again over the years. My sons know the details in layers far below what you actually see on the screen. Every. single. detail. 

For me, hearing the music in the background meant that my boys were busy for a few hours and I could get some laundry done or go lounge on the couch and read as long as I wanted without interruption.

But the sound of that amazing music also makes me smile. It's like the sound track of our family life. The intense anticipation of each new movie added flavor to our lives, would my home be full of disappointment or  relief? The discussion after seeing each new release is still ongoing. I zone out to the subject, but I love the sound of my men talking about every nuance and development in the series. 

It makes me happy that the reviews I am hearing about the newest SW movie are good. But I won't know for sure until I hear what my sons think about it. Rocker Son saw it on the opening night, of course. 

The Hubs and I plan to see it on Christmas Day! 

I'm sure it's no White Christmas, but Star Wars is part of our family so.....

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