Sunday, January 3, 2016

About a Little Wooden Plaque

A little wooden plaque sits on my writing desk within my eye-line every day. The original poem is decoupaged with love and it makes me smile. And it makes me want to be that person once again. 

The words that haunt me and inspire me...

"Susie's Window
Sitting by Susie's window,
I'm stirred by the breeze that blows in.
There's nature in it, the birds that cling to the swaying branches and the seeds from the
trees that float, and dance inches from my hands.
The morning is fresh, with a scent that grew overnight.
I've let myself see the open spaces; the entry places to somewhere new.
The dreams that came to me in my sleep last night
take flight in this time.
I've traced the trail she leaves behind,
of all the places You take her and ways You wake her to who You really are.
I've come under the wings of a woman who flies and it's lifted the level of my eyes to a
spacious place, a free place, a quest for where You abide.
Her heart waits for You, and her feet run to find You, and
I've followed at times, to where You are,
Through the wonder in her eyes as she looks for You,
And the praise on her lips when it's You she finds."

Frances was a student in the ministry school that Hubs and I directed for 10 years. What year did you attend Frances? I can never keep track of who was with us in what year. We did not know one another terribly well. She was quiet and I was/am quiet too. But when she gave me this beautifully wrapped gift at graduation I knew she had been silently watching me. 

My favorite spot during our daily worship sessions was right next to a big picture window. It overlooked the trees and creek next door to the church where we housed our school. I had no idea I was making an impression on this beautiful and talented designer from the United Kingdom. 

I miss those mornings full of abandoned worship. Some days were sedate and sweet, others were wild and raucous. Loved it all. We never knew how HE would come. 

But the search was delicious.

Thank you dear Frances for this gift. It reminds me of my past and my present as I continue to look for Him and then 

Praise Him when He finds me. 
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  1. Oh how I LOVE you can fits my thoughts exactly...(Closed doors, OPEN WINDOWS) a tremendous gift to you from that dear one. I can see that it has had a lasting impact on you, much like how I received my little plaque that was cross-stitched for me by a young woman so many years ago...Isn't that amazing... the ways that God works to inspire and guide us into His pathway for us? I truly LOVE this today. One more of the ways our marvelous Lord has been working behind the scenes throughout the years of our lives....

    1. It is crazy all the ways we've walked similar paths in completely different parts of the US.


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