Sunday, February 14, 2016

February is the MONTH OF LOVE

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What a crazy and delightful month it has been so far, since publishing my first book on Feb 2, 2016! The sales have not been huge, but as Hubs keeps reminding me, I did not do this for the money. (Secretly though, I kinda did. Why not? Ha!) Because I am an unknown and it is a first book, I haven't sold hundreds; as of today I've sold 50 books. And I am THRILLED about that!!

The responses from readers has been deeper and more powerful than I expected. I am reminded that our words can do so much to bring healing and freedom to others. It amazes me and humbles me to think that my scribbles can resonate with someone who needs them at just the right moment.

The first few days of sales made me giddy with excitement that it was selling. Then 3 or 4 days later as I realized that those orders were now arriving in multiple mailboxes all over the place, and people were actually sitting down and reading my words, I felt so vulnerable and naked. 

My intimate and sacred moments with my God were now open for all to see. Would they make sense to anyone but me? What would my private conversations with God reveal about me that I hadn't realized yet? Even my sons were now reading private stories that I had not talked about a lot. 

Of course it did help that many of my book chapters are taken directly from this blog over the years. So I had already dealt with the 'open to the public' aspect of nonfiction writing in that way. I had previously crafted the events to only reveal facts about myself and not others around me who may not want their part shared. 

But a paper and ink book just feels much more permanent than a blog post that cannot be held in the hands and placed on a shelf. 

And then a friend emailed me a photo of my book stuffed into her bulging purse along side her beloved planner and journal while she sat in a doctors waiting room. I showed the pic to Hubs and told him this is exactly what I hoped my book would do for people. Something short and sweet enough to stuff in a bag and take with you. Happy writer!!

My heart is full this Valentine's Day. My kids surprised me with a gorgeous picnic birthday lunch in the park yesterday, my California son is here with us for 10 days, my book is out there and next week Hubs and I celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary! Lot's of love floating around me and I am soaking it up with greed.

I hope you are having a month of love too. Let me know what you are up to and if this new year is turning out as you hoped. 

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  1. Congratulations on publishing your book, this is an exciting time for you thinking of who will read and enjoy your work of the heart.

  2. This is a "gift that will keep on giving" for years and years and years...long after you're gone from this planet! Think about that! God will still be using your words from God's heart to change lives for many years to come! This is huge! I am so happy to know you and feel like I have shared a tiny little part of this adventure with you. So thankful God brought you into my life!

    1. Thanks Pam. I do love the idea that my book will be around longer than me. That's kind of amazing! That's one of the reasons I care more about print than digital publishing for now. It just feels more permanent no matter what changes happen in digital technology.
      You have been a big part of this adventure and I'm thankful for you too!

  3. Susie: Congratulations on your 38 years of marriage. Also, congratulations on the sales of your book. Keep looking up and God will bless you and yours.


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