Friday, February 5, 2016

Last Random Journal Day Link-Up

My treasures
This is the last chapter of the Random Journal Day Link-Up with my friends all over the Internet. We are not a huge group but we are a passionate group when it comes to the subject of journal keeping. 

I loved reading the monthly collection of journal entries from so many completely different styles of journal filling. Some were artistic and used drawings and bit of fabric and decoupage pages. Others were poetic and musical, while many of us just filled the pages with words and exclamation points galore!!

In my little world, the last few days have been mind-swirling with excitement and joy. And I can honestly say that my recent bit of success and happiness is directly due to that motley collection of journals at the top of this post.

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Since you are my friends, you already know that I just published my first book, WALKING BUTTERFLY. The picture below reveals the very very beginnings of this book about my life and conversations with God. I sat down one day a couple of years ago and decided to read through all of the journals I had kept for 30 years and pull out the important and life-changing moments with God. 

I wanted to see if I had enough to create a book about my journey with God. And I never really knew if I had enough until I listed it out like this and then had to narrow it down to the one subject of how much God loves me and all the different ways He tried to get me to believe it over the years. 

Do I need to tell you how thankful I am that I did not throw away my journals? That I lugged them from house to house when we moved, and how I hid certain ones from prying eyes and even tore out pages over the years? I am so happy that when I needed to write about an early morning moment on the floor of an empty sanctuary, I could go back to the exact day's entry and relive it with clarity. 

Writing to you about the value of journal keeping is quite literally preaching to the choir, but it helps to be reminded that you are not wasting your time when you record your thoughts and feelings in detail. Keeping your journal is a form of meditation and contemplation. It is important and vital to your inner peace and ability to be kind to the people in your life. 

Do not stop writing down the stuff that is bouncing around your head. Cherish your journals and your journal habits, they are part of who you are. As for me, I will probably still do my own Random Journal Day every once in a while just like I did before Dawn and I created the link-up version of it. You can too. Because some of your best inspiration has already been written, right? Use it. 

Keep Journaling,
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  1. So you kept some journals under lock and key, and ripped out pages, too!
    You know what this encourages me to do? Halt in what I've been about ready to do: throw out old journals.There's such a hoard! And I often think of what would happen with them, should I suddenly die and not be able to dispose of them. I don't have any deep dark secrets there, just a lot that's nobody's business but mine and God's. I remember hearing Dr David Jeremiah talk of his strict instructions to someone (I think his wife) to be sure to burn all his personal journals immediately on his death. I think I at least need somebody to give charge of them... But toss those I still have piling up, I'll not yet do. They really are helpful to look back realistically!

    1. Sylvia that's why I am so thankful I kept them, because I've been tempted to discard them over the years for the same reasons. Now that I am about to turn 61 I think about what will happen to them after my death too. That's why some pages needed to be torn out, just for the feelings of people who may read it later etc.
      Which actually is another good reason to write a book using the highlights of your journals. Even if it is just for you and family. That way they will learn from your lessons without slogging through years of journals that talk about what you made for dinner! Ha!

  2. What a wonderful journey this has been. I've learned so much from you, Dawn, Carolyn, Cecilia, and many others. We've all been through a lot in life, and some of it has been good to share with the world...and some will remain forever hidden in a drawer somewhere. But I am SO proud of you for pulling it all together and finally taking the plunge to go totally public and publish a book! You inspire me to get back at it myself. I've put mine off for a while, fearing no one would really be interested. But when God is in it...He has a message He wants to share with the world, and we just might be the mouthpiece He selects to tell about His great love. You have done it...and I know God is smiling today at His precious little girl. He loves you even more than you know! And we do too! So happy to be counted as one of your friends.

    1. Thanks Pam, I love that we are friends who've never even been in the same room! Crazy! Your book will happen when the time is right. Thanks for always being so encouraging.
      I have loved the RJD and Dawn's energy and enthusiasm carried further than I expected. And we can keep doing it on our own, right? Love you Pammy!

  3. I love this...I love that God made us out of all the blogs and people we found each other and clicked...and then welcomed others into the journey...and still continue to do so. I love you, and YAHOO!

    1. I know! SO many blogs out there and we stumbled upon one another and something just clicked, didn't it? I love your positivity and passion Dawn, you've lifted me more times than you know.
      Thank you for grabbing the RJD idea and running with it. You put a lot of work, energy and I am just recently learning, money into it. THANK YOU BIG TIME! I am excited to watch your next adventure and maybe even participate! Love you Dawn!


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