Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This Feels Even Better than Expected!

You Guys! My head is still spinning and my heart is jumping at all the excitement in the last 2 days! My little book that could, is finally PUBLISHED! 

WALKING BUTTERFLY is now available for purchase on Amazon! After only one day I already have a lot of sales and I am simply thrilled, overwhelmed and just a little bit excited! 

My cover designer/interior designer did a gorgeous job both inside and out. I did not even know she was adding a background graphic to the chapter title pages and I adore it completely! 

This post should probably be more carefully thought out and strategic I suppose, but my head is still in hyper-lala mode today as I wait for my grandson to come over for a few hours this afternoon. 

The flow of congrats, Likes and sales through FB has been shocking and so affirming to me and my heart. Thank you all so very much! 

Here's some pics of my day yesterday....

Just had a feeling that today was the day!

Still was afraid to open it and be disappointed. 

Not at all disappointed, so pretty!

Ok time to go buy a few copies, right? 

Thank you so much my friends!!
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  1. I Love this! I am so happy for you...and can't wait to receive my copies ordered last night! You have every right to be in lala land over this. It's not every day you become an honest to goodness bonafide author of a real book! I do hope you will do something special to celebrate with family and friends. I wish I lived closer so I could participate! I feel like a proud grandma...having prayed you through this adventure over the past few years! Hip Hip Hooray for Susie of "Walking Butterfly"! Woo Hoo!

    1. Ha! Well the hubs came home with a hug and I looked at him and asked where my flowers and champagne were! Oh well, went out for pizza and in his words he is "very, very, very proud" of me.
      I so appreciate your generous cheerleading over the years we've known one another...hopefully to meet in person some day! Love you dear Pam!

  2. Susie, your book cover is beautiful! Congratulations!

  3. Two questions...

    When did you first dream of being an author?


    How long did it take to write the book?


    I have dreamed of being an author (fabulously, with scarves and sunglasses and a beach house) since I was very young. Now I am a little old and writing a bit more lately.


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