Friday, March 4, 2016

Can A Book Have a Sound Track? WALKING BUTTERFLY Does!

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My home is full of peace this evening. Just Layla and me on the couch with beautiful music swirling around us. Several weeks ago I popped my favorite worship CD into the player and it dawned on me that the songs on this album are the actual soundtrack to my life during many of the sweet God encounters that are described in my new book, WALKING BUTTERFLY.  


 Touching Eternity by Bob Book is full of the music that accompanied and often created some of my deepest moments of knowing that God was present and that He loved me massively! Bob and his wife are close friends of ours and we were on staff together at the same ministry for many years. In fact I'm pretty sure I have a memory of hearing him work on this album in their spare room before it was released! I recall loving the "...then He pushed me" line. 

Bob and his band would fill our sanctuary with so much freedom and joy as they looked to The Father for every note and word. As I am hearing the familiar words filling my home, I can picture myself standing with my friends, with arms uplifted and tears streaming. I would close my eyes and find myself in front of God's throne, in awe of His beauty. The songs paint the picture so, so clearly. 

Even now as the words wash over me, I keep wanting to quote the lyrics for you. But each song that comes on is better than the last and I could not choose which to quote for you. You will need to go check this album out for yourself. The link will also show many other albums by Bob Book, I love them all. 

Bob says this about Walking Butterfly,

"I loved this book!  Reading it was like lying on a very warm tropical beach as the gentle surf rolled over and refreshed me.  I felt wave after wave of God’s love as I followed Susie’s accounts of her personal journey with the One who is love.

Susie’s down to earth wisdom, gentle encouragement and practical perspective on the mystery of God’s love, will draw you into a deeper experience and revelation of God’s nature, and your own true identity.  I highly recommend this book!"  

Bob Book
Singer, songwriter, worshiper

 I am receiving so many lovely notes about how my book is impacting people. It overwhelms and humbles me, but does not completely surprise me. The moments recorded in the book still impact me too. The idea that the mighty God of the universe would care enough to speak to one of His children is simply amazing, isn't it? 

But He loves us. He desires to be close to us and involved in our lives. The stories in my book are spread out over many years, He did not talk to me every day. But I know He wants to and will if I stop and listen often enough. 

Powerful worship music will help us to listen and position ourselves so that we can hear Him. That is why I wanted to let you all know about the sound track that accompanied my stories.

While I wrote my book, I needed a beautiful instrumental background and that was also provided by a real life friend! Byron Easterling's gorgeous instrumental Simplicity, helped me to "get in the zone" as I asked God to take me back to the important moments in my walk with Him. 

I have certainly been blessed with great friends who love God wholeheartedly. Hubs and I consider ourselves lucky to have been able to hang out with them for so long. We are now living over a thousand miles away from them and I miss sitting on their couches very much. But not everyone can put their best friends CD's on and pretend they are near by! :) So there's that!

Always Worshiping,

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  1. I love knowing this. I will have to check out the "soundtrack" as I re-read Walking Butterfly. I am so happy for you, and thankful that God brought you AND Walking Butterfly into my life. You are such a blessing.

  2. Susie, I always enjoy hearing about new worship music, especially instrumental. Thank you for the 'soundtrack' tips!
    And how wonderful that God has brought fruit through your words--that must be so satisfying.

    1. Thanks Jody, yes it is SUPER satisfying! Thanks for coming by.


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