Friday, March 25, 2016

It's Friday But the Green Is Coming

It is the Friday before Easter, Good Friday. I sat on a stone step in my backyard a few minutes ago and stared at the fresh green buds pushing their way to the sunshine here in Texas. And the thought that came was simply this…

It’s Friday but green is coming. Green for new life. Green for fresh beginnings.

My thoughts then went to you. I wondered what I could say to help you see the green that is coming even when today is so dark. Good Friday is the day that Christ died. It must have been DARK for so many that day. It might be dark for you today.

The crowd of believers who watched their leader give up His last breath…What was going through their minds and hearts? I would imagine that the group was a mixed bag of emotions and responses to the horror before their eyes.

Do you think that many stood there and felt robbed of all hope for a bright future? There were probably some who even felt betrayed by the one they had followed and believed in. It is easy to imagine that there were many confused hearts that day. I am guessing that there must have been at least a few who remembered what Christ had said about returning in three days. About rising again. Did they talk about that as they cried?

WE know how the story will unfold. But they did not have a clue. Good Friday was a dark and terrible day for the ones who had dared to believe.

They did not know that the green was coming. They did not know that the one they followed was going to refuse to stay dead. All they saw was terror, fear and disillusionment. They saw pain and helplessness.

My thoughts are with those of you who are in your Good Friday. It feels dark. It seems hopeless and out of your control. Everywhere you look, you see a mess. You can barely see the tunnel, much less the light at the end of it.

Believe me when I say that there is a light there…just beyond where you can see. There is green coming. There is new life and restoration coming your way. Christ has not left you alone. You are not alone in the mess. He is coming back for you.

It is Friday, but the green is coming. Hang on, He will not let you down, my friend. The Spring buds are a picture of the new life that He is arranging for you. It will get better. Even if all you see today is darkness…The light is coming. The darkness will not last forever. I promise. But even better, He promises. 

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