Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hi God

So it seems that God has gone quiet again. I ask Him questions and get no answer. 

Unless you count that annoying one about filling my mind and eyes with too much social media and thus shutting Him out. 

Yeah, that one.
I am not planning a big social media fast or promising myself to stay off the computer or phone for X number of days. But I am recognizing a habit I have fallen into and it may resort to those measures eventually. I love Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I also have Pinterest and Tumbler accounts that I try to keep up in a reasonable way. The News Feeds call me to them many times a day, all day long. I click a LIKE here and a HEART there, a SHARE here and a RETWEET there. On and on it goes. 

I blame it on the book and the need to advertise consistently. BUT I was online long before my book was published so...

God speaks to us in a million different ways, I know that. In my book I mention that we do not need to be in a church building to hear God. That hearing God does not even require a set appointment called a "Quiet time". I made a point of pointing out that more than half of my conversations with God did not happen in one of those settings. 

BUT the other half of my life-changing moments with God DID take place in times of prayer, worship or appointed "Quiet Time". So...

While I have been so determined not be THAT rule-following "church lady" kind of believer, I have forgotten the beauty of set aside time for HIM alone. I wanted to distance myself from a rigid and "religious" ritual that can easily become an empty form with no substance. 

I've been lumping devotional time in with the discarded pieces of my old cocoon. But I miss God. And I am pretty sure He misses me. I will not say that the sweet butterfly that watched me swim the other day was sent by God to remind me of Him. I WILL say that the photos make me tear up at the beauty of creation and THAT makes me think of Him. 

I am thankful that my God never gives up on me. Even when He is quiet, even when I am quiet, He is there. 

He is here. 

Hi God. 

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  1. “The LORD your God is in your midst,
    a mighty one who will save;
    he will rejoice over you with gladness;
    he will quiet you by his love;
    he will exult over you with loud singing.” Zephaniah 3:17

    I used to laugh at the part where he quiets us then suddenly bursts into loud singing. Sort of jarring, right? But then one day it occured to me. He quiets us first so we can hear his singing.


    Just be.

  2. Ooops, I admit I might be on social media a bit much too. I like how you recognized the butterfly and its message to you. One thing I do every day (new to me this year) is I read my ESV Daily Reading Bible. I love it and read it each evening and it only takes 15 minutes. Each day has readings from the OT and the NT and it is very meaningful.

    1. Thanks Terra. My MIL used to say "Habit helps or habit harms". Exchanging a bad habit for a good one is a great idea.

  3. Susie: We ALL have times when we believe we spend too much time in FB, Twitter,Linkedin, or whatever social media we join. I have been trying to cut back on these but I find it difficult. I do my Bible reading and devotions the very first thing in the morning.

    1. Thanks for coming by. I am asking God what is the best system for me.

  4. This was so beautiful and powerful on so many levels. I love that God sent a butterfly...of ALL things! to get your attention so sweetly. Doesn't He just love to whisper sweet things to us in myriads of ways when we weren't really looking for Him? I totally understand. I've been too busy in my life lately...not really doing anything spectacular...just busy. And I miss my quiet times with the Lord as well. Thank you for this quiet moment. It was a breath of fresh air for me today.

    1. The day before a squirrel came close and got a drink at the same spot. I had to shop it away before Layla noticed!

    2. Almost as wild as tour yard!! Not quite!

  5. Isn't God good to send you a butterfly and say, "hi!"?
    Your self-talk about the pull of social media is a conversation I can relate to--it is a constant push back. Praise God for His Holy Spirit that is calling us--for that is really what's happening. We know we were made for more--our creator longs to be with us.
    I'm so grateful for that.

    1. Yes Jody we are made for more. These past few days since I've been more intentional about journaling with God like I used to have been better days. And I've felt more creative!


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