Thursday, May 5, 2016

Would Have Been A Win-Win If He'd Kept His Mouth Shut

Not much natural light in my house. 
My husband has some profound marriage advice based on this recent conversation this week. My only regret about this house we've been in for a   year and a half is the lack of natural light. I miss my California sunshine all day long. So I make up for it in small the lit up wreath in my entry hall. 

A few days ago this chat happened:

  • Me: Honey, I was tickled this morning to see that you turned on my wreath lights today because I know you don't care about it.  Thanks!
  • Him: (Chuckles..) I didn't, you left it on all night.
  • Me: I did? Oh no, I am usually so careful about that!
  • Him: Shoot, I shouldn't have said anything and I would've gotten credit for it!
  • Me: Yep, your BIG points for the day.
  • Him: Why didn't I keep my mouth shut?
  • Me: Yeah, I wish you would have, because then I could still be enjoying that you did it for me. Shoot.
  • Him: Well, we both lose I guess.
  • Me: Sigh, could have been a win-win.
Yes, after 38 years of marriage we are still trying to gain and not lose points. What is that about? 

And his profound wisdom about marriage? "Less communication is best." 

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  1. Those things happen. Cute story, though.

  2. Love this!! Sounds a lot like me and the LOML 😉


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