Monday, July 11, 2016

I Have A Listed Life #21dayjij

My Writing Prompt for today is LISTS. This subject is easy for me because my life is and has always been listed. My poor Hubs is now accustomed to various lists scattered around our home. 

When I was a busy working lady, some serious panic would happen if I lost sight of my DAY TIMER. My life in all of its various categories was stuffed inside that leather binder, often in list form. HOME - CHURCH - OFFICE - SCHOOL - PERSONAL. This is why I cannot get too excited about one of my friend's obsession with planners. It looks and sounds like the same thing I used to carry around years ago. Sorry Dawn. :) 

Then I began to notice at staff meetings that my co-workers were slowly replacing their Day Timers with Blackberrys and eventually I did too. I still miss that sweet thing!! Lists were my Blackberry's main ingredient. Loved my Blackberry!

Party at MY house! Yay!

Now the lists around my house are about interesting books to check out at the library, how to move a book from print to digital and what has to happen between now and this Saturday's party at my house. 

Oh and shopping lists!? I must have one or I feel totally lost and frustrated. Even though I basically buy all the same stuff from week to week with very little variation. When I was a young mom I even typed and printed up a general shopping list to check off each week. And yes, my list was set up according to the store layout. Of course!

MUST offer my book in digital form soon! Ack!

Listing gives my mind a rest. It lets me know that I do not have to depend upon my memory. And oh the glory of checking stuff off the list! We all love that, don't we? Please admit with me that you have added stuff you've already done to a list so that you could check it off. Just me? Oh well.

This is the book list in my wallet. Oops,
I seem to have shared cute pics of Grandson in there too!
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  1. The only list I make nowadays is my shopping list, and yes, a party list when we are having company...I have to list the names to get a proper "count" as I can't even trust my brain to count them in my head or on my fingers anymore. I also used to carry a "Franklin Planner", and now I don't even want to see such a thing. Since I retired I am very happy to be "listless" in more ways than one. LOL

  2. "yes, my list was set up according to the store layout. Of course!"

    I thought I was the genius who thought this up! Ah, well, great minds think alike!

  3. " And yes, my list was set up according to the store layout. Of course!" I found it not as strenuous for me to do this. But one store we shop in remodeled and rearranged everythin. Another store we shop is so big that I am still learning the way around it. My reasons for doing the store layout thing was for health and personal comfort.

    1. Just makes sense. Frustrating when they rearrange though.


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