Saturday, July 2, 2016

Probably Should Delete

I keep starting to write and then stopping. Hitting the DELETE button again and again.
Backspace backspace backspace.
"That sentence sounds lame."
"That is insincere."
"That does not sound like you."

I have not really WRITTEN since publishing my little book in February. I think I'm stuck.
I am struggling and feel like admitting the struggle will negate the positive words in my book.
I wrote about being in charge of our mind. Not letting negative thoughts be the boss.
How taking thoughts captive is like keeping kitties in a box.
My "kitties" have taken over my house. They are very bossy.

I want to write.
I need to write.
I used to love to write.
I want to go back to when I had a book project.
To when I had a Work In Progress. No progress happening here.

Stuff is happening. Life changes are coming.
But blogging has lost it's allure.
It doesn't call to me like it used to.
This post makes no sense.
I really should hit DELETE.

Writerly advice is welcome.
Prayers are welcome.
A kick in the butt is welcome.

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  1. I am a writer too and can relate. For me, sometimes it is best to write something, 100 words or 1,000 words, and then look at what I have written the next day. Don't delete, friend.

    1. Thanks Terra.Good to know I'm not too abnormal!

  2. I think this is why I am a journal advice (for what it's worth)- go back to writing for you...and truth be told, I have written a lot of poetry lately and journaled extensively, but I have blogged less... but writing in the secret place...that which I did before I ever knew what blogging was, is...that pen scratching on paper- it never loses it's allure. It's where I don't perform for anyone, but's where I can be messy, grammatically incorrect and just fine with it, and where I can get naked in the pages or be superficially recording, today this really got m y goat...blah, blah,'s where it all starts and ends...and if none of it is shared or seen, there is One who knows, sees, enjoys my joy in the doing of it. Play with words again...for fun...I do it all in my's like a playpen. Go back to pen and paper...or just treat yourself to a fancy journal and pen...and forget the words "work in progress". Get back to the simple joy of it. Run from performance, audience, expectation. Um...should I keep going or just shut up now?

    1. Yay Dawn, your words are so helpful! Actually I am hoping that your Journal in July challenge is going to kick me into action and new inspiration!!

  3. Susie, I'm with Dawn. I can't really add anything. If God has called you to be a writer and your "heart overflows with verses for the King" (Psalm 45) nothing will stop you. A journal is a perfect place--sometimes we just need to write for US.
    Your confession is a beginning--not an end. And probably a beginning for something new.
    Talk to Jesus about it, I'll bet He's got something up his sleeve. Praying for you now.

  4. I wish I had some words of wisdom and encouragement for you today, but I am stuck in the same place. It must be contagious. I think I miss our camaraderie of the Random Journal Day that we all shared for so long...that kept me inspired. I must say that I miss your words of love and encouragement that you always posted in your blogs. Perhaps we all just needed a break for a while to recoup and be restored in our souls. I am going through some kind of metamorphosis internally, both spiritually and emotionally. Eventually it will all come out just HIS time, with HIS stamp of approval on it. We just need to be patient during this intermission. The 2nd act is waiting in the wings.

    1. Thanks Pam, maybe you can join me in following Dawn's journal prompts beginning on the 6th?

  5. Susie: I have read where all published authors go through a time of 'the blahs' after they complete a writing project. It seems to be natural. I love what Pam and Dawn say. Yes, I miss the group interaction of Random Journal Day. I have used my journal from last year to guide me through my blog writing as I wait for inspiration about a query I sent out and about a submission I have also sent.

    1. Thanks Friend maybe the journal prompt that Dawn is doing will help all of us.

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