Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Choose Your Embarrassment

I am enjoying the olympic swimming competitions very much. Especially when I discovered that my new swimsuit (pictured here...and no you're not getting a real photo of me in it) is not a "granny suit" as I've been calling it, but an almost olympic style competition swimsuit. Look at how much material we both use! Practically the same!

A few months ago while swimsuit shopping I kept seeing these swim dresses in the stores and I just could not make myself try them on. So much flowering stretchy material! They screamed "OLD LADY" from the hangers. 

But I was also very tired of feeling over exposed in a normal suit. I would add shorts but it was not a flattering look for me at all. 

Then I tried this granny suit on and I was won over. So comfortable with wide straps and best of all...no tugging on the seat for coverage every time you breathed. I had a pool party for 18 people recently and not once did I worry about holding my breath or sticking my fingers under my suit to keep my butt covered! 

Yes, my new suit would pass the fingertips must touch your hemline rule of my youth. It could easily be mistaken for a little summer dress worn by a 20 something. Except for the stretchy material and the built-in underwear. 

I realized that I have to choose my embarrassment. Do I want to be embarrassed by an uncomfortable suit that I have to hold my breath in and must keep pulling up and down and every which way? Or do I want to be embarrassed by wearing a granny swim dress? I chose the comfy swim dress and it feels so great that I am no longer bothered by the granny-ness of it. 

And I am a granny! But you know what I mean. And mine is even shorter than the olympic swimmers wear! 

So my message today for you is: Choose your embarrassment and then just go for it. 

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  1. Is that first pic from Land's End? They have great swimsuits and I have several - not like that, I don't like the skirt. But their suits will cover us grannies pretty good. This is one of my favorites. http://www.landsend.com/products/womens-slender-tunic-one-piece-swimsuit/id_277053_51?cm_mmc=139971612&source=GS&003=56492216&010=4428231&gclid=CIP0hry0x84CFYaAaQodA6EOQg

  2. Thank you for giving us permission to be sensible. I haven't been swimming in years because I don't have a "suitable" suit for my body. You have restored my hope that one day I will come swim with you and not be embarrassed by MY granny suit! LOL. Yes, we ARE grannies...and we should be proud of that!!! We earned every inch of our cellulite and other unmentionables. LOL. I'll bet you look terrific in your very attractive swimsuit.

    1. Please do not stop swimming due to an "unsuitable" body! Too too sad! And I promise you that if you ever make here to Texas, you will most definitely want to swim.
      Also assuming that you, Pam, are on your husband's account, otherwise this is a very weird comment from him!

    2. Ha Ha Ha Ha. I just saw this...and oops!!! We goofed. Yes, that WAS me, Pam, not John! I didn't notice we was logged in on google...that's never happened that way before! That is so funny. We are red faced here, but laughing out loud. He would look pretty funny in your granny suit! LOL. What a fun way to end the day.

  3. Susie: I haven't had a swimsuit in several years. I don't swim. The suits I saw did not help me look better, only bigger. Now, when I was in college, I had one that I really liked and I had the figure to go with it. But, alas, times change and so did my dimensions. I'm glad you found one you like. Blessings.

    1. Swimsuits have been a battle for me all my life. Funny part is that when I was a teen and 20's I was skinny and flat-chested so I hated that. Oh well! Ha!


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