Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hi Friend! I am hoping that you have just hopped over here after visiting Dawn's fun blog Enthusiastically Dawn. That woman is amazing to me and makes me tired just thinking about all of her crazy projects, ideas and creative endeavors. 

Dawn offered to set up a super generous GIVEAWAY BUNDLE that includes my recently published book, WALKING BUTTERFLY and I was thrilled to be part of the prize package!! My book is one of four beautiful items in the bundle and I want them all! 

Dawn and I met here online through our blogs several years ago. I lived in California then and she is on the opposite coast. We felt connected by our mutual love of writing. If you know her, you KNOW she is an avid journal keeper. She even teaches classes about journal keeping. My journal-love has kept me sane for many years. 

Dawn is also very good at encouraging the people around her to do their dream. To go for it. We became writing accountability partners through Skype, texting and Facebook Messenger. She pushed and prodded me to finish my book once I told her that I had a dream to be published. This year it happened.

This last February my first book, WALKING BUTTERFLY was published and made available on Amazon. It is the story of God's relentless desire to convince me of His love. I was peddling hard to earn the love I already had. It all began when He showed me a picture of a butterfly walking down the sidewalk with matching shoes and purse. Dragging behind her were a pair of GLORIOUS WINGS! She did not realize she had everything she needed to rise up and soar.

Each chapter begins with a true story of His pursuit of me and then the chapter ends with a section called "YOUR TURN" where we talk about what the message means for you in your life. The chapters are short and to the point and as Dawn described it, could be used as a DEVOTIONAL. 

Thanks for coming by and I hope YOU win the gorgeous GIVEAWAY BUNDLE! If you haven't entered the contest just go HERE and get in on the fun!! 

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  1. You are such an amazing person, Susie! I love your book...and I am so proud of you and what God has accomplished through you. You are beginning a new adventure soon, and I can't wait to hear all about it. God has answered some special prayers on your behalf! Thank you for being one of MY special friends as well!

    1. Pam, my other online cheerleader this last year!! Thanks Hun!

  2. I am so excited about the giveaway. Thank you for offering it up!

    1. Thanks for coming over Suzie! I hope you wander around here a bit. My posts tend to vary from personal observations to ...well other personal observations! Ha! Sometimes it is about our relationship with God and other days it's about a comfy swimsuit.
      I was happy to donate a copy of WALKING BUTTERFLY and so excited Dawn did this for me! Isn't that necklace amazing? I want it for me!! Good luck!


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