Monday, September 5, 2016

Sparkly Shoes for the First Day of School!

YOU GUYS! Tomorrow, Tuesday the 6th of September is my FIRST DAY of my brand new job as a preschool teacher!! I never thought I would return to this fun and crazy creative job after 30 years (Ack!!) away from it, but here I go. 

Just now I discovered these super sparkly red shoes in the back of my closet. I bought them a few years ago because they made me smile (and they were on a deep sale) but I doubt I've worn them more than twice. NOW they will be perfect with the RED version of our school T-Shirt, and that makes me giggle. Gonna wear my sparkly shoes tomorrow!! And the dangly BUTTERFLY earrings pictured below because my class are (is?) called THE BUTTERFLIES! 

This new chapter at the age of 61 is kind of shocking to me actually. But it feels like this was set up by God just for me at exactly this time. The school is on the other side of the little forest behind our house, THREE MINUTES drive! You know how much I hate driving around here, so Yay God, thank you! 

The school is only two days a week at this point, so I still get to watch my grandson the other two days a week with Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. This is a HUGE change of lifestyle for me, the almost HERMIT since moving to Texas two years ago. 

And that's the other part that is AWESOME! The other teachers and director are wonderful people. I am so happy and excited to be around them. We have gone through 4 days of training together, cleaned and decorated our classrooms and lunched together, even shopped together already. My phone has not stopped pinging with texts in the last few weeks! Love them! 

I met our students  at Open House last week and they are so adorable and funny. I cannot wait to get to know them well. I've been praying for them as they make this HUGE step outside the safe bubble of home and begin the school chapter of their lives. ALSO been praying for NO major Separation Anxiety issues tomorrow!! (Praying for mommies too.)

The Butterflies are the youngest of the whole preschool and for some this will be the first time to be away from family for a whole day. (9am to 2pm) I feel the weight and responsibility to not only keep them safe but to make this first step into education, one that will cause them to love learning for the rest of their lives. We will be teaching them about colors, shapes, letters and numbers, but also about kindness, confidence and acceptance. As far as I'm concerned, the NUMBER ONE lesson will be God loves you because He designed you just the way you are!

My heart is full tonight. God has ordered my steps into this new chapter even when I had no clue that this was in my future. I am thankful and excited and a little bit scared. Which is much better than bored and lost. Thank you God! 

Pray for me tomorrow you guys, Thanks

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  1. So cool Susie! Love the shoes, the fact that the class is the Butterflies (love God's little details), and that you are making a whole new host of friends at school, much like your little munchkins soon will :) Also encouraged that God can still reinvent us at 61! Praying for your first day!!

  2. What fun you'll have. Soak it all in! They are so fortunate to have you.

  3. Oh, I am so happy to see this post. I was wondering when you were starting, so now I know and I am praying. Praying that God will give YOU stamina, wisdom, and much JOY in this new journey. I LOVE the shoes...I hope they are keeping your feet happy today. I am praying for the precious children whom God has entrusted into your care. They are the blessed ones...happy little butterflies coming out of their warm cocoons of home to spread their little wings and learn to fly! What more perfect teach could they have than YOU???? I can't wait to hear all about it!!!

  4. Susie: Your first day of school is over. I trust you did well. I'm sure your students loved their first day of school. I like it that you prayed for them and for their mommies. God has something great in store for you. Blessings on you.


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