Play Doh Under My Fingernails #21dayjij

Cars on the window-sill is serious work. I have a confession to make. I have blue play doh under my fingernails,¬†and it is happening much more often as a grandma than it ever did as a mommy. You will typically find me on the floor two days out of every week. My grandson is almost […]

My Furry Friend #21dayjij

Minutes after Adorable Grandson leaves. My writing prompt for today is about our furry friends and my closest furry friend is definitely my dog Layla. She is difficult to capture in photographs as all black dogs are, but these 3 pics show her current life pattern. Layla is kept on the move when Adorable Grandson […]

A Surprise Post by A Friend

I am still tearing up about this brand new post that a friend published on her blog today! We met online, then we spent a few bits of time together in person and now she is a forever friend! Her blog is four years old and it is delightful. You must click on over there […]

Ok This Will Be Interesting To Me

OK, this will be interesting, to me anyway; I am posting this from my phone. We’ll see how it goes. Stretched out all comfy on my son & DIL’s couch while they watch a movie I don’t care about. Battery is low, better hurry! The quote above is from my book and it took a […]

A Writer’s Regret

My Dad sent me this photograph the other day. This writing journey of mine began so long ago that I honestly cannot find the starting point. I grew up with books and often had my nose in a Nancy Drew Mystery and I have a very vivid memory of reading Gone With The Wind in […]

You Are A Great Mom, Even If You Stink At It

I have noticed an interesting and disturbing trend online regarding Mother’s Day this year. The negative articles and posts have outnumbered the positive. Some writers are just against the holiday for the principle of it or the commercial aspect of it. They claim it’s a “made up holiday”. Well, what holiday is not a made […]

My Answers to Four Questions about My Writing Process

I am very honored to be invited to join the Author’s Writing Process Blog Tour! I was tagged by my blog-friend and gracious writer Ana Whiston-Donaldson of An Inch of Gray. (Go back and read her responses to the questions too. You can follow the whole chain!) While I do not consider myself an “author”, […]

How God Pulls the ‘Bait & Switch’ On Us

Have you ever tried to pray for a person that you dislike? You know, how the Bible says to pray for your enemies and all that? I walked through a lesson on this early in life. There was a mean girl who strongly hated me while we were in the 6th grade together. (We both […]

A Writer Writes…It Can’t Be Helped

I am a writer. I do not have a finished manuscript under my bed gathering dust. I DO have several files here on my Mac that are filled with the beginnings of books, blogs and what-not. There are files crowded with inspiring quotes for writers, more files labeled “How To” with the practical methods and […]

Chicken Wire, Leather and Scratched Paint

In my 31 Days of Finding Joy, today was a very simple find. I love my home and this past week we acquired a new-to-us beautiful leather couch at a crazy low cost! I am absolutely in love with it. You know how when you change one thing in a home, it tends to have […]

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