For The Love of Blue and White

When I was in my 20’s, planning my wedding, the all-important task of choosing a china pattern was making me frustrated. The other brides in my circle and in the magazines were thrilled about designs that all looked the same to me. Large expanses of white, with some flowers in the middle and always rimmed […]

Book Review: Call of A Coward, by Marcia Moston

I am happy to be reviewing books for Thomas Nelson once again, it’s a fun way to acquire some free books (not that I need any more!) and then tell you about them here and at Barnes & Noble. If you are interested in reviewing books just click on the blue box at the end […]

Random Journal Day Link Up #11 – Snapshots

If you’ve ever been tempted to peek inside a forgotten journal left on a church chair or in a classroom, here is your chance! Hop on over to the Random Journal Day Link Up #11 and see the list of people who are willing to allow some peeks. But before you leave to join the […]

RANDOM JOURNAL DAY Blog-Hop: Weekend #2 Join us!

Take a look back in your journal pile and share an entry with us. You can take the entry and write it out, period. Or reflect further and share what was going on, insights, or how things look now compared to when you originally wrote the entry! Oh, and if you are an artist and […]

Dear Mom

I’m not sure if Heaven has email, snail-mail or Internet but I’m going to send this out into the atmosphere anyway. I am missing you and that makes me feel selfish and hypocritical. Selfish because I know you are in a place that you dreamed of all your life and it is good. I feel […]

Ok, So I Need An Upgrade In The Whole “Victory Over Fear” Thing….

Who knew? Last night I learned that my big victory over fear has some really sneaky little loopholes that I knew nothing about! Now of course, I do realize that I am no where near being described as a fearless woman. I know that better than anyone. But I did believe that a certain area […]

Freaky Journal Morning! Random Journal Day #1

It is my Writing Wednesday and I am sitting here feeling a bit freaked out at something I just read! Seriously, I am taking deep breaths and talking to God about my pounding heart. A few posts ago I announced to my readers that I had A Brilliant Idea (read by clicking on Brilliant Idea) […]

On Trusting Your Wings

The house is silent except for the “Plink plink” of Hubs in the next room flipping through the Netfix choices. I’m in the mood to write so I am in our room staring at my Mac screen wondering…..Oh, did you notice the mouse in the picture? I was gifted this beloved Mac in 2008 by […]

A New Habit

So I guess what they say about it taking a month to create a new habit, is true. Here I sit early in the morning in my office while Hubs sleeps and the house is still dark. I don’t need to be here this morning. For the last month or so I have been unable […]

My Brilliant Idea!

Last night while I should have been sleeping I had this brilliant idea. I was so excited about it I wondered if I should get up and write it down so I wouldn’t forget it. But it was too cold outside my covers so instead I thought about it over and over again in that […]

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