Last night while I should have been sleeping I had this brilliant idea. I was so excited about it I wondered if I should get up and write it down so I wouldn’t forget it. But it was too cold outside my covers so instead I thought about it over and over again in that strange sleep cycle thing where you are both asleep and awake. It is somewhere between the two probably.

Then I must have fallen asleep because I woke up! I knew there was something I wanted to remember. I started to think it might have seemed like a grand idea while I was sleepy but not so great once the sun shines on it. You know those amazing blog ideas in the middle of the night that make absolutely no sense in the morning?

BUT, it survived the sunlight and turned out to be a pretty good idea. Wow, all this build up was probably not smart! I will just spit it out already so you will no longer be holding your breath in happy anticipation……….

I am going to create my own writing challenge or meme as the blogosphere calls them. Still have no idea what the word “meme” signifies though. This meme will be for myself as a way to jump-start some writing prompts for fun.

I have filled dozens of personal journals over the years. I kept diaries when I was in school and continued all through college, single life, and early marriage. Then when I was pregnant with my first child I bought a pretty blank book and really began to record my thoughts, prayers, complaints, inner conversations and questions.

I still have all those diaries, spiral notebooks and journals full of my scribbles. These are me. My stories of parenting, pastoring and finding out who I am. As a new mom I knew that the special moments were just that. Just moments. So I wrote word pictures of our life together. I described the dirty soap left behind in my boy’s bathroom, the leggos in the fridge and the stress of carpooling 5 junior high boys.

My great idea? Every once in a while I am going to randomly pick up a journal and open it without looking and then write about whatever is on that page.

It does not actually sound that great as I type this, but it will be. My journals span about forty years of my life so you never know what season I will be writing about. I am looking forward to the challenge.

So, whenever you see the above picture of my journals, you will know it is my Random Journal Day. And, yes, I need a better name than that don’t I?