I finally found the perfect way to put my teeny tiny weights to some good use. They make perfect book ends don’t they?

Those little three pound weights and I do not have a pleasant history. No, they are not too heavy! But even light weights (ha!) can do damage if they are used in the wrong way. About a year ago I bought these little cuties because I read that I needed more than just yoga to get fit.

I had saved a magazine article that described the best moves with small weights and it included diagrams so I thought I was all set to get firm arms. Some time in the first few weeks of using them I did something wrong and then spent several months with a super pain-filled shoulder on my right side. It messed up my sleep, holding my hair dryer and about a million other things that you use your arm for but never realized until it makes you grimace with ugly pain. The doctor recommended physical therapy to keep the muscles from “freezing up” out of dis-use.

Going to physical therapy did not work out for me and even though I really thought I was moving my shoulder a lot to keep it limber, it did freeze up and I could no longer hold my hand up in the air or zip up my clothes in back. It was as unmovable as if you tried to bend your knee the opposite direction. This also eliminated my favorite (and ONLY) exercise; yoga. I know that downward dog can be done with one arm but, not by this woman!

But, inexplicably, all the pain, stiffness and immovability went away several Sundays ago as I sat in my church listening to one of the leaders tell about some arm healings that he had been a part of recently! He was up there literally swinging his arm all the way around as he described what the healed person had done after being set free from pain and I did not associate it with myself at all. Not at all! I knew I had pain and needed healing but I had been there, done that, for nearly a year already.

They had no altar call for healing, no “put your hand on the pain as we all pray together,” nothing. He was just reporting what had happened when he prayed for someones bad arm. I did not even know I was healed until that night in bed. I was talking to Hubs and suddenly realized that I was leaning on the “bad” arm without pain!

Now I am pain free! So, coming back to those pretty little baby blue weights….they are holding up my treasured books while I get back to my favorite yoga workout videos!