Take a look back in your journal pile and share an entry with us. You can take the entry and write it out, period. Or reflect further and share what was going on, insights, or how things look now compared to when you originally wrote the entry!

Oh, and if you are an artist and you just want to show your art journal, sketchbook, or notes and thoughts about the artwork, that is great. All forms of journals, diaries, blank book, prayer journals- where your thoughts, heart and reflective life have been expressed.

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Mine will be short today because I’m not feeling well, but I grabbed a journal with my eyes closed and it turned out to be one from not too many years ago. I opened to the date – September 17, 2009 – The date was surrounded with little hearts and smily faces……….
Two days ago Writer Son (of course in my journal I called him by his real name) came over and told us that he and Miss M have moved their relationship beyond friendship and into a dating relationship!! He totally blushes and gets a silly grin when he talks about her, it’s so fun, we are thrilled to pieces because we already love her so much!!

I won’t divulge all that he told us that night, though I know you want to know…..but I did go on to say that our reaction to this happy news may seem overboard to some. After all, they were not announcing an engagement, just dating. But most of their friends and ours understood our glee and felt the same way because we all saw it coming and knew that a wedding was in the future….even if the main people involved did not yet realize it! Ha!

And we were correct! Writer Son and Sassy Bride recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary and they still get silly grins when they talk about one another.