If you’ve ever been tempted to peek inside a forgotten journal left on a church chair or in a classroom, here is your chance! Hop on over to the Random Journal Day Link Up #11 and see the list of people who are willing to allow some peeks.

But before you leave to join the Link Up, take a minute to read my random choice for this morning……

Journal Entry – March 2001 – Family Snapshots

(Background: In my journals I used to write word snapshots of everyday life for our family, every once in a while. I began when I had babies because I knew that life would change and I wanted to captured it with words before it moved on to another scene. I would describe what each of us were doing, wearing etc. example- “There are Legos in the fruit bowl on the table and beach towels drying on the back fence…” But this journal entry is much later when the boys were older and Hubs & I had started a ministry school that met in our little church 4 mornings a week.)

“Hubs is pacing and praying in the sanctuary as we wait for the ministry students to come slowly wandering in. He is quoting scripture and inviting the Holy Spirit to be in charge of the school today.

It’s my favorite part of our school, the first moments of a morning full of worship. Tammy is pounding on the piano and Ben has found a beat on the drums that is sending sparks to my feet.

I listen to Holy Spirit and enjoy the process of leaving my self and my cares behind and just looking at my Jesus. His love pours over me and I feel like we are alone and in a loving group of spiritually hungry people at the same time. Delicious!”