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CALL OF A COWARD by Marcia Moston

Call of A Coward first caught my attention because of the title. I loved the lack of pretension or sense of being “holier than thou” in the writer’s self description. It is the story of an ordinary woman placed in a foreign country, Guatemala, by her desire to obey God and work along side her minister husband. She could be any one of us and she beautifully shares her fears and victories of living outside her comfort zone.

I thoroughly enjoyed Moston’s book and could easily identify with her experiences and qualms about life in a foreign country. I have many missionary friends and have been on the leadership team of several short-term missions trips. She tells colorful stories that contrast her life in a Mayan mountainside village compared to her former life in the United States. We watch as she falls in love with the place that only brought fear at first glance.

This book holds laughter and tears as the author has beautiful moments of clarity that only God could set up. Moston and her small family have traveled to bring the love of God to others, but they return home earlier than expected with many rich lessons of their own.

I highly recommend this book to any believer with the desire to travel and it is also a great inspiration to those at home who pray for missionaries abroad. I loved how Marcia Moston was candid and honest about the places and situations that scared her while away from home. She never gives the impression that the sacrifices she made turned her into a better Christian than the people she served, either in the United States or in a foreign country. Reading her book made me feel like we could be good friends.