I am a writer. I do not have a finished manuscript under my bed gathering dust. I DO have several files here on my Mac that are filled with the beginnings of books, blogs and what-not. There are files crowded with inspiring quotes for writers, more files labeled “How To” with the practical methods and formulas. The files marked “WIP” or “Work in progress” have not progressed very far. I even have a file marked “Compliments” with snippets of good things that others have said about my writing.

BUT it all comes back to the one graphic that really makes sense; you can see it above. Pretty clear isn’t it?

Communicating with the written word has always been easier for me. I don’t know if it’s because I am too slow to think on my feet when in a face-to-face conversation. There is something to that. I tend to over-think my responses to people when in their presence and get panicky and this leads to pre-editing what I want to say until the opportunity passes and I said nothing. So I am considered a quiet person. BUT my head is NOT quiet!

FaceBook and blogging were made for people like me. I can leave witty comments, sincere heartfelt encouragements and ask questions of others all from the safety of my home on my own timing. Perfect.

I am a writer. You won’t see a list of all my published books in the sidebar of this blog. My writing is scattered all over the Internet on various websites that offer no byline. But they do pay and I like that. I will keep submitting articles and article ideas to magazines and websites that will give me both bit of money and a byline with some recognition here and there.

As most writers do, I sometimes wonder why anyone would want to read my words or care about my inner thoughts. It really makes no sense that you would. A non-fiction writer like myself asks this even more than a great story-teller would. At least a wonderful story is a brand new creation given like a gift to the readers. But the words keep coming anyway.

A writer writes. It can’t be helped. The tablet by my bed is always ready for 3am inspirations that must be deciphered the next day. Sometimes the perfect ending or a new beginning for an article arrives in the twilight moments of half sleep. I love that.

Thank you for reading my blog and walking along side me as I figure this all out. When you leave a comment or SHARE this blog with others it gives me new energy to continue and see where this road is going. I need you. A writer needs her readers just as much as a reader needs her writers.