Minutes after Adorable Grandson leaves.

My writing prompt for today is about our furry friends and my closest furry friend is definitely my dog Layla. She is difficult to capture in photographs as all black dogs are, but these 3 pics show her current life pattern.

Layla is kept on the move when Adorable Grandson is here twice a week for 8 hours. I used to worry about her hurting the munchkin but now it’s the other way around. Adorable Grandson is not intentionally mean but he wants to hug her and thinks it is hilarious to try to hold her stubby little tail. She is not crazy about either activity but she stands there and tries to lick his face until she can slink away to her open crate in another room.

Five minutes after grandson left today. Pooped!

Adorable Grandson just left and Grandma has no more energy for a better post than this today. Think I’m going to join Layla on the floor for a bit.