Cars on the window-sill is serious work.

I have a confession to make. I have blue play doh under my fingernails, and it is happening much more often as a grandma than it ever did as a mommy.

You will typically find me on the floor two days out of every week. My grandson is almost 2 and we have a blast together every week. I got to watch him learn to walk, run and now, well, now both Layla and I have a hard time keeping up with him.

In practical terms, our twice weekly play-date is helping his mom and dad go to their jobs and get their school work done. They say thank you over and over again…but come on! I delight in every moment with him, even his cranky ones when I am putting on a silly show meant ONLY for him.

The perks of grandparenting are huge. I can get on the floor and line up the wooden zoo animals for hours on end, with no thought of laundry waiting for me. Play doh time will not be interrupted by thoughts about dinner or loading the dishwasher.

A mommy does not have that sweet deal.

I know that I will have uninterrupted time to clean my house and make dinners every other day of the week. But my baby days are all about him. When I was a mom of little ones, I do not remember savoring every minute as I do now. I was good at enjoying my years with them, my journals are full of baby stories. But a mom of littles is also in the middle of the craziest season of life and every joy is surrounded by more questions and doubts and busy schedules that fight for space in the heart and head.

A grandma has room for just the love. Just the marvel of watching little fingers learn how to roll the play doh into a ball or a snake. Cracking up at the comical sound he makes when pretending to eat the fake pancake he created. “Smack smack smack”. And watching extra closely because scraping the yucky clay off teeth has already happened and I do not want to send him home with blue teeth again.

These are days of tangible love. I giggle and laugh out loud a lot on Grandson days. I stare at that little perfectly shaped head…is there anything sweeter than the back of a little boy’s head?…and my heart feels full and content. This kid has my heart in a way I have never known before.