I keep starting to write and then stopping. Hitting the DELETE button again and again.
Backspace backspace backspace.
“That sentence sounds lame.”
“That is insincere.”
“That does not sound like you.”

I have not really WRITTEN since publishing my little book in February. I think I’m stuck.I am struggling and feel like admitting the struggle will negate the positive words in my book.

I wrote about being in charge of our mind. Not letting negative thoughts be the boss.How taking thoughts captive is like keeping kitties in a box.
My “kitties” have taken over my house. They are very bossy.

I want to write.
I need to write.
I used to love to write.
I want to go back to when I had a book project.
To when I had a Work In Progress. No progress happening here.

Stuff is happening. Life changes are coming.
But blogging has lost it’s allure.
It doesn’t call to me like it used to.
This post makes no sense.
I really should hit DELETE.

Writerly advice is welcome.
Prayers are welcome.
A kick in the butt is welcome.