Such A Lightweight!

I finally found the perfect way to put my teeny tiny weights to some good use. They make perfect book ends don’t they? Those little three pound weights and I […]

Our Road

Have I told you lovely readers that I ride on the back of Hubby’s motorcycle and take pictures? There is a whole story there, can’t recall if I already spilled […]

Living Wholeheartedly

I keep trying to write about other things but my mind and heart are so full of my mother that I guess I will just go with the flow and […]

Please Don’t Should On Me!

I was raised in the church, my family attended services twice on Sundays, every Wednesday night and any other time that stuff was happening. Our church was like a wonderful […]

Why “Recovering Church Lady”?

We are all familiar with the negative stereo-typical “church lady”. She is judgmental, strict and humorless. Her world is small and her view is extra narrow, believing that it is […]

The Book

My book, WALKING BUTTERFLY is now a reality at last! It is available for purchase on as of February 3, 2016. I am still basking in the wonder of it all. I have […]

Info on RCL

Of course you are wondering who I am to be offering advice and wisdom for the ministry life and beyond? Your desire to check up on me reveals the deep wisdom already in […]

Probably Should Delete

I keep starting to write and then stopping. Hitting the DELETE button again and again. Backspace backspace backspace. “That sentence sounds lame.” “That is insincere.” “That does not sound like […]