The kitchen is a very important, so we have to maintain order and tastefully decorated, so we can enjoy this beautiful moment where we offer a great food to our family.

Keep the kitchen clean is extremely important healthy cooking and to cook hygienically food. Not only heater, Table or the sink has that clean, but also kitchen tools, and seek to always wash hands thoroughly before preparing any food.

Clean Kitchen some of the tasks is less striking, but is required for food fit well and not to spread viruses that cause disease later. To give you a clean kitchen I show here and disinfected five very simple tips to make your kitchen always is clean.

1. Clean your workplace

Some studies have shown that granite surfaces store more bacteria. Use soap and hot water clean surfaces and faucets, particularly when dealing with raw foods such as fish, chicken or meat.

2. Clean cutting boards

Clean cutting boards with hot water, soap and let them air dry. If you are concerned about bacteria accumulated on cutting boards, use tables so instead of plastic, it is more difficult for bacteria to spread into the wood.

3. Squeeze and wash dishwashing sponges.

Sponges or other fabrics clean dishes are a perfect place for bacteria to form and accumulate. This is why we always have to wash than soap and hot water to keep them clean.

4. Organize your refrigerator

Keep the meat and fish or shellfish in a separate area, away from plants or areas to store cheese.

5. Natural cleaning products are the best

There are many cleaning products that are pleasing to the environment, but it’s better that you use products like baking soda, vinegar or lemon juice clean your kitchen.

These are some tips for clean the kitchen, I hope you find them useful.