My book, WALKING BUTTERFLY is now a reality at last! It is available for purchase on as of February 3, 2016. I am still basking in the wonder of it all. I have lots of sales and my social media circles have gone out of their way to cover me with loving congratulations and kind words. 
I am overwhelmed at the beautiful response. There were many sales the first day and more each day as the first week is passing. Now I am seeing and devouring photos of people on FB and Instagram holding my book up with a smile of excitement. 
So now I wait for the responses AFTER they read my words, my deepest heart that I spilled out for all to see. Yikes! I feel naked and vulnerable. But I also feel very loved and happy.
What an amazing process this is. Last night I read parts of my book (I LOVE to say “my book”!!) with a detached purpose, trying to read it through the eyes of those who have it in their hands right now. I still love it…so I hope they do to.
Yes, there are word changes I would make, but over-all I feel ok about the job I did on this first book. I never admitted it to anyone but the Hubs, but I thought that I would only write one book. Because it is really HARD. And the journey of this book was full of so many doubts, fears and questions. I had no idea if my words were worth a printing and pretty cover. You just do not know until someone else tells you, you know?
So I never admitted that I may be a one book person because that is a huge NO-NO in writing circles. The first question a publisher will ask is about more books being produced in the future.
But I am not a one book person. At least in this moment when I am feeling pretty good about it all! I may have more to write, and I am asking God about it. It also could depend on the response Walking Butterfly receives once the readers react to it. We will see.
I would love to make a difference in the lives of those who need encouragement. Here I am in my quiet house with time to be with God and enjoy my grandson, but I sense that God is not through with this lady. The coming months will be a listening season for me. Who knows what is next for the recovering church lady?