Although you may pay a service company to get home and conduct a home inventory, many people do it yourself through an inventory or a software program to record your home inventory. Some people also include photographs, digital images, or videotape. Whatever you decide, you will need to register the following information about each topic: description, make/model, serial number and condition.

Also have to record information about the value of each item. Depending on whether your insurance company pays claims based on “replacement value” or “present value”, you must register details such as: purchase price, replacement cost, present value and when or where it was purchased.

To provide as much information as possible, you should also take pictures or video to document the existence and condition of the items in your home inventory. Note that some software programs have a feature that lets you import your digital pictures to store the image with every post. These programs typically allow you to save data to a backup disk and / or print a report for safekeeping in a safety deposit box, your workplace, or home of a friend. Or even better save it via the Internet in a digital photo album.